Getting the Most Out of Pavement Boards

One of the traditional and most effective ways of advertisement is Pavement boards. These are very effective for high street advertising and can attract any passerby with its innovative exhibition. The classic display is a must have item for any retail shop, hotel or leisure business due to the eye-catchy content.  This outdoor signage is a tried and tested method which significantly increases footfall for your business and it works great for running special offers from time to time.

Even with simple tricks, you can make your pavement boards promotional with a clear and short message. For better advertisement and instant traffic, large fonts are used for the  text to capture the attention of the passersby. While you are wondering about the different categories of this outdoor signage, let’s explore –

  • Poster A boards– The portable boards have interchangeable graphics which is a perfect fit for external use. The sturdy frame offers immense stability during harsh weather conditions and you can easily carry it or fold it as per your requirement.
  • Swing boards– the swinging display grabs attention very quickly. The aluminium panel hanging from a frame allow swinging action whenever there is a breeze. You can even get it easily replaced if you need to change the message.
  • Traditional blackboards- the written information with chalk pens create a striking display which is hard to ignore. It is popular for pubs and restaurants to upgrade price and menu from time to time and also to notify customers of ‘happy-hours’.
  • Sandwich boards– The low cost snap shut frame is usually used for temporary marketing and special offers. The UV inks result in making the board vibrant and waterproof colours stand the test of harsh weather conditions.

Apart from these, you can also use bollard covers, heavy duty boards and so on for your business promotion.  If you are hoping to get the right sign makers, All London Signs can be your trusted destination. You can get all kinds of pavement signs, Road Traffic Signs, LED signs, Architectural signs etc throughout London and its surroundings. Add a few sparkles to your business today and get ready to make profit.